Margarita Pracatan Exclusive Interview! Cuchi Cuchi!


On March 23, Cuban cable chanteuse, keyboard player, and feather wearer Margarita Pracatan is bringing her inspired brand of musical lunacy to the Laurie Beechman Theatre.

For an advance taste of the way Pracatan’s cabeza works, here are her views on all the important issues of the day.

Margarita on Money:

“You have to be around people who got the money because money is like honey baby. … It’s sticky and if you are close to it, it’s sticky on you. You want to get it all over … all over your body. It feel so good. It’s better than sex!”

Margarita on Men:

“To find a man, you have to look pretty and smell very nice, wearing your Coco. Look like you deserve money and go to a very glamorous café or expensive hotel or an elegant place and you ask a lot of questions and listen for the answers. You say, ‘What do you do for a living besides breathing?’ If he talks about having too many buildings, the stock markets, all of his horses, his airplanes … take it! And never let him go! If he talks about problems, no work, no money … forget about it, baby. He’s contaminated. Get out of there! RUN!!!”

Margarita on Loneliness:

“Why you feel so lonely? Baby, what’s wrong with you? Don’t feel lonely. There’s a whole world of peoples out there waiting to meet you and hold your hand! They gotta lot of places where to go here in New York City. Don’t stay at home, like you are in a crystal ball. You can’t breathe in there and nobody can touch you. You have to break that bottle and go out and then you’re happy. Get gorgeous and go! Go find the love in a hopeless place!”

Margarita on Marriage:

“You crazy? People, you don’t have to get married. Nevah. Evah. Don’t sign nothing, baby. No need for marriage. It’s a bad institution. It’s like you’re inviting a bad boss into your life. Telling you what to do … how to dress. Maybe do it like a car — for three months. If you like, you sign again for three more months. If you don’t like, you change it. Be free! Be happy!”

Margarita on Strangers:

“Everyone who ever fell in love, when they met, they were strangers. Sometimes your parents, they tell you not to talk to strangers, but if you don’t talk to strangers, you never fall in love, right!?”