You Might Get Sued! Conan The Barbarian Downloaders Face Mass Lawsuit


If you made the mistake of downloading Conan the Barbarian, we have some very bad news for you — besides the fact that you wasted precious time and bandwidth not downloading Crank, that is.

You might face a lawsuit.

You might have to pay a movie studio thousands to settle said lawsuit.

And you might even have to do this even if you didn’t illegally download the flick — or any other media — in the first place.

Here’s the deal: The company behind cinematic classics such as Conan the Barbarian and The Expendables , Nu Image Films, has decided to sue 2,165 alleged downloaders of Conan, according to TorrentFreak.

Music and movie companies have filed these kind of lawsuits for years, and they typically don’t want to take these cases to court.

Instead, they would rather that you, John Doe I.P. address, pay them thousands to make them stop harassing you in what can probably best be described as extortion.

Nu Image filed one of these lawsuits last week targeting Conan downloaders, whose IP addresses had been exposed between December and February.

This isn’t Nu Image’s first rodeo, though.

The company pulled the same move with The Expendables last year, TorrentFreak notes, but the case got thrown out because many defendants did not live where the case was filed.

So, Nu Image decided to get specific and only target alleged perps in Maryland and file the suit in that same state — in the hopes that a judge would be more likely to listen to its argument.