“Your” vs. “You’re”! Listen Up, Kids!


The most irritating mistake in grammar that I notice on blogs, social networks, and even in press releases is the confusion between ‘your” and “you’re.”

The second I see someone fall into that terrible trap, I think, “Moron!”

But then I calm down and realize that perhaps they just weren’t listening in school for those three months.

So here’s the deal.

“Your” is possessive. It means you own something.

As in “your iPhone,” “your cauliflower,” “your overpriced condo,” and “your bad grammar.”

Meanwhile, “you’re” is a contraction of “you” and “are.”

Use it in “You’re gorgeous,” “You’re a bottom,” “You’re out of line here, missy,” and “You’re finally starting to pick up some grammar tips.”

Got it?

You’re welcome.

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