Happy Leap Day! Celebrate Your Once-Every-Four-Year Birthday With These Deals


Depending on your life outlook, having a birthday on February 29 is either really cool (yay for uniqueness) or really sucky (too bad you can only celebrate on your actual birthday once every four years). Well, if your birthday happens to be today, Leap Day, many New York City restaurants and bars are offering deals just for you!

Sprinkles (780 Lexington Avenue, 212-207-8375) will be celebrating Leap babies by offering those born on February 29 one dozen free cupcakes. All you have to do to nab 12 treats is stop on by with a valid photo ID showing your birthday. Then celebrate away!

If you’re into something a bit, well, boozier, head over to Epstein’s Bar, where those with Leap Day b-days will be rewarded with half-price food and drink all night long. Again, bring some identification. Or get a good fake.

Likewise, Leap Year babies turning “six” and older can party it up at the Village Pourhouse. In what is billed as the largest kids’ birthday party for adults, you’ll get to celebrate with Wii, Rock Band, piñatas, and assorted party games. Complimentary champagne, birthday cake, and a birthday-cake shot will be given to anyone whose birthday falls on February 29.

Or if you want to celebrate in style, South Gate at Jumeirah Essex House is offering a deal that lets those born on Leap Day pay the year of birth for the restaurant’s signature tasting menu (i.e., guests born in 1984 will pay $19.84, those in 1952, $19.52, etc.). The menu — which includes dishes like seared foie gras and grilled veal chops — normally goes for $59. Almost worth having no birthday most years.

And if you happen to be born on a Leap Year (though not necessarily a Leap Day) in general (2000, 1996, 1992, etc.), you will get a free Dylan’s Candy Bar birthday cupcake shaped tin filled with mints, with a purchase of $9 or more, at Market, the grab-and-go shop located in the Grand Hyatt New York hotel.

And if you need a little rest and relaxation after all that feasting, check into the Z Hotel (11-01 43rd Avenue, Long Island City, 212-319-7000), where those born on Leap Day get a free night on the 29th as part of a Leap Day package.