Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom Beats U.S. Demands That He Go Back to Jail


After his tumultuous January arrest, Kim Dotcom was freed from jail on bail Feb. 22 — but that hasn’t stopped U.S. law enforcement from putting pressure on the Megaupload founder: They want him back behind bars, and are now thinking of investigating his pregnant wife, according to TorrentFreak.

But it looks like Dotcom might be safe for the time being.

U.S.-backed New Zealand prosecutors argue that Dotcom has kept two bank accounts secret and has forged travel docs. If true, this would violate the terms of his bail.

But Dotcom’s lawyer has told a judge that his client is not going to leave the country because his wife, Mona, is about to give birth to twins, TorrentFreak notes.

The judge has agreed, so Dotcom will “remain a free man pending his extradition appeal in August.”

Looks like the U.S., however, is trying to up the ante of its legal attacks on Dotcom — American authorities might press charges against Mona, who they think might have been involved with Megaupload.