Nostalgia Is The Devil! It’s Really Dangerous!


And this year it’s taken over to the point of ridiculousness!

Check out my new column in which I talk about the fact that eight out of the nine Best Picture nominees were period pieces, as our culture takes quantum leaps back in time in hopes of escaping from today while clouding the past.

I’m getting nostalgia for Woody Allen movies about the present!

For flicks that don’t rewrite historical epics to make them more gratifying!

For movies where there’s actual dialogue!

The safety of nostalgia can be deadening and even threatening if it overtakes one’s connection to the world and is used as a buffer from real emotions and actions.

It’s a desperate situation — so much so that I might even stop watching TCM for a day in protest!

In any case, you will surely look back on this column with warm and fuzzy appreciation.

But please read it right now, suck in the moment, and deal with it.