NYPD Ready for Today’s Occupy Wall Street Movement at Bryant Park


The New York Police have sent out a department-wide memo to prepare for today’s Occupy Wall Street event, which is scheduled to take place 9am at Bryant Park. The protest, titled “Shut Down the Corporations #F29”, targets, among others, Bank of America for supposedly selling subprime mortgages–which leads to the series of home foreclosures that we’ve been covering here.

The memo was obtained by the Occupy Wall Street affinity group the OWS Journal, and shows that the NYPD have assigned its Counterterroism Bureau Terrorism Threat Analysis Group to patrol today’s event.

F29 is a continuation of sorts of yesterday’s F28 protest, which took place at Union Square at 5pm with over 200 protesters, including Peter Yarrow of folk trio Peter, Paul & Mary (Yarrow played a Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind”, of course). Several arrests were been made, according to Occupy Wall Street’s twitter.