Shamrock Shakes Are Baaaaaaack


McDonald’s might be best known for its Big Mac, but the true cult favorites are the McRib, occasionally available in the fall, and the Shamrock Shake, the mint-flavored milkshake served in a clear cup with whipped cream and a cherry on top, which makes its appearance around St. Patrick’s Day. Well, guess what, New Yorkers? The Shamrock Shake is back.

The Shakes are currently available at all New York City locations of the fast-food chain. However, if you don’t currently live in the Big Apple, you can visit to find local sightings and uncover unbridled joy for the beverage. Here at Fork in the Road, we think the shakes can be kind of cloying and have that weird toothpaste taste. Our suggestion for a good time: Buy a Shamrock Shake to-go, grab a bottle of Jameson, mix the two together, and have yourself one fine Irish milkshake. Then it’s time for an Irish goodbye.