Announcing Sound Of The City’s March Madness: A Monthlong Tournament To Crown The Quintessential New York Musician


Today is the first of March, a month that brings lions, lambs, ominous midpoints, yummy Italian pastries, and people grossly stereotyping the Irish by drinking cheap beer until they get shitty drunk. It also is the month for March Madness, the 6468-entrant (thanks Turner and CBS) tournament of college basketball teams that sends offices into a tizzy and turns sports bars into encampments. In honor of this annual tradition, Sound of the City is launching its own variation on the theme: A 64-entrant (we’re old-school), single-elimination, decided-by-the-readers tournament where you get to decide the identity of the city’s most quintessential musician since 1955, the year of the Voice‘s founding.

“Musician” is a bit of a wide-ranging term here—it can refer to solo acts, bands, songwriting partnerships, collectives, etc.—and “since 1955” means that the act should have engaged in the bulk of their important work after that hallowed year. Our crack team of bracketologists is currently at work on the final seedings, which will be announced tomorrow; the first matches will begin next week, with impassioned defenses of each artist penned by members of our writing staff; and a winner will be crowned on March 30. All of the winners will be decided by you, the audience, in a series of online polls. Warm up your clicking fingers by suggesting people who you think might be unjustly overlooked by our committee in the comments. (We’re still in “suggestible” mode some 24 hours out.) Here are a few songs with “Mad” in the title by artists who are ineligible for this tournament (hey, I can’t start electioneering this early!) to get you in the mood.

Queen, “I’m Going Slightly Mad”

Mötley Crüe, “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” (shot in the Meatpacking District!)

Ne-Yo, “Mad”

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