Back Forty West’s Pulled Pork Sammy Is Some Fine Swine


It was a sad day when Savoy shuttered last year, but locavores needn’t cry over spilled milk. Back Forty West (70 Prince Street, 212-219-8570), an offshoot of the Avenue B eatery, has opened in its place, selling a menu full of veggie delights. And, as the pulled pork sammy (their wording) proves, some damn fine meats, too.

The menu’s cutely divided into breads, hands, spoon and ladle, fork and knife, fork, and spoon. The $12 sandwich naturally falls under the hands section, though the pork is rather saucy, so you could probably stick a fork in there, too. What makes the dish so good is the Red Carolina barbecue sauce: It possesses that perfect balance of sweet and tangy, thick enough to coat the meat, but not so much that it seems gloppy. The pork, meanwhile, is tender and juicy, and a side of pickled veggies adds both crunch and tartness, hitting all the major flavors you want in a sandwich. It makes the loss of Savoy, well, not really a loss at all.