Celebrate Purim with Hamantaschen from Prime Butcher Baker


Purim’s a week away, but why not get the party started early with some hamantaschen, the tasty triangular-shaped cookies said to resemble evil Haman’s three-cornered hat? The recently opened Prime Butcher Baker (1572 Second Avenue, 212-616-1502), a kosher market from the team that also owns Prime Grill, Solo, and Prime Ko, offers a fine version of the oft-crumbly cookie.

The flavors include the standard poppy seed, but there’s also a lovely version filled with spiced nuts, and one with dates and oranges. The problem with hamantaschen is that there’s usually way too much cookie part and not enough filling, but these — which are priced at $8.75 for a dozen — are nicely balanced and have a lovely soft dough. Better eat up before the holiday’s over.