Neo-Nazis in Greenpoint: Hipster Hoax?


The Daily News wants to know: Are there neo-Nazis in Greenpoint?

The question comes about after a series of pics taken by Brooklyn photog Adam Krause apparently hit the web Monday evening, in which he chronicled five self-professed Polish neo-Nazis. Gawker seems to have broken the story, and did disclose that Klause is “a friend.” The news site treated the scoop as true.

The Daily Mail quickly picked up Krause’s saga, prompting him and his subjects to become the object of international attention.

The Daily News’ Alexander Nazaryan wrote that the photos have caused outcry and demands for explanation.

People have become angry and skeptical. Some doubt whether the photos are real, while others are shocked that neo-Nazism would be present in the multi-ethnic community. A local news station is reporting that area residents and politicians were so outraged that cops had been put on alert in case of trouble. They also reported that Krause decided to pull the photos from his website, saying that he wanted to keep a “low profile.”

It looks like Krause did in fact remove the photos from his website, and is directing traffic to a Larry David video on skinheads instead, writing: “While I appreciate the attention this story is receiving, the media exposure it is getting is making me a bit uncomfortable. In the meantime, I feel this video answers a lot of questions that we are all asking.”

Runnin’ Scared put in a call to Krause to see what’s up. We’ll update if we hear back.

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