Rank These Three Legendary Screen Actresses


Rank them in order of their talent, their careers, their legend.

In other words, who was/is the best? And second best? And third best?

(With these three, even “third best” is pretty amazing, so don’t be trepidacious about putting someone in that slot.)

Do not throw in other names as in, “Well, none of them were as good as Jane Russell,” or “Shouldn’t it be the other Hepburn — Audrey — on the list?”

I don’t want to hear it.

Just rank THESE THREE, with #1 going to the best of the trio and so on.

Here’s mine:

1) Katharine Hepburn

2) Meryl Streep

3) Bette Davis

Now quit your screaming and hand in your freakin’ list.

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