Who’s Getting Foreclosed on in Brooklyn Today? Apparently, No One


The Voice is starting a new feature several times a week. As foreclosures continue unabated across the nation, the Voice will be profiling the foreclosures that happen every week right here in the five boroughs. We’ll be looking closely at the properties facing foreclosure, the public auctions where those buildings are sold to the highest bidder, and the individuals facing eviction in the process.

Every Wednesday at 3pm, a group of mostly Jewish investors gather at the King’s County Supreme Court to snap up properties that have been seized for foreclosure. Over the past few weeks, The Voice has been keeping tabs on the process, attending the court sales and then trekking out to the properties to try to speak to the tenants for their side of the story.

Most of the time when we visit the addresses, our knocks go unanswered or we get doors slam in our faces. But every now and then, we’ll encounter stories such as Debbie Hailey, a third-generation home-dweller fighting to keep her home from being sold, and Iqbal Hossain, a manager of a restaurant who had no idea about their impending evictions.

Today, three properties, located at 727 Bedford Avenue, 32-62 South 8th Street, and 1203-1209 Dekalb Avenue, were sold at the auction for $200,000 to $300,000 a piece.

But fortunately, no one is losing their home, as all three locations are scrap lands. One of the spots, 32-62 South 8th Street, will apparently be the location of a movie shoot, titled “Park Pictures”, this Saturday.

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