Year of the Takeout Day 60: Fortune Cookies Chinese Restaurant


Ta-Chien Chicken from Fortune Cookies Chinese Restaurant (611 Manhattan Avenue, 718-389-7103)

This is the first time YotT has come across Ta-Chien chicken, and we really don’t know what to make of it, except that it’s wonderful, and far better than any of the deep- or pan-fried poultry plates we have sampled.

Rumored to be a Sichuan recipe named after a great painter (at least according to the Internet, which is hit or miss accuracy-wise, but whatevs), the dish features dark meat chicken that’s been skillfully dusted in cornstarch and fried.

The chunks then get tossed in a wok with a thick, peppery glaze, black mushrooms, and celery — and are apparently prepped for the appropriate amount of time, as the meat morsels are melt-in-your-mouth moist.

The $9.15 pick just wows. The sauce was hot and chili-filled, and did not feel too coagulated like a General Tso’s or sesame variety.

However, it was not the soy-and-sugar-based brown gravy we typically see — this was something altogether different, and a welcome change at that.

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