Neo-Nazi Pics From Greenpoint Are From 2009


Yesterday, Runnin’ Scared wrote about a series of photos chronicling a group of neo-Nazis in Greenpoint.

As one would expect, the photos have gone viral, and were featured in the Daily Mail, prompting the Daily News to ask: Are there Nazis in Brooklyn?

Runnin’ Scared has recently learned that these polemic pics are at least two years old.

Heather, author of the blog New York Shitty, told Runnin’ Scared that she first wrote about Adam Krause’s series in 2009, and directed us this post on East Williamsburg street furniture.

At the end of the post (dated September 2009), Heather mentions Krause’s photo series.

A link is provided, but appears to be broken. The photos have been removed from Krause’s current website. The photographer told a television station: “I want to keep a low profile.”

Runnin’ Scared has reached out to Krause several times. He hasn’t picked up his phone, but he did just text saying: “Stop calling me.”

Since the photos resurfaced, many have contacted the Greenpoint community board voicing concern and confusion said Heather, who prefers that her last name not be used.

Heather attended a public safety meeting Thursday night, and said that the photos were repeatedly brought up. Residents had apparently inundated the board with calls demanding explanation, she said.

Runnin’ Scared will keep you posted with any updates.


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