What Do Special Edition Girl Scout Cookie Savannah Smiles Taste Like? We Find Out!


After learning about the 2012 Girl Scout cookie pop-ups, you’re likely pretty excited about stuffing your face with sweets, no? But then comes the age-old question of what cookie to order. Purists might go for Thin Mints, while caramel lovers know the Samoa is the one. Yet there’s one new addition to this year’s cookie roster you should check out: the Savannah Smile. This sugar-dusted lemon wedge honors the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting, founded in that picturesque Georgia town in 1912. There, Juliette Gordon launched the national organization with “a telephone call, the English Girl Guide handbook, a handful of badges and her mind bubbling over with the endless possibilities her program could provide for American girls.” That’s fine and dandy, but the big question is: What do Savannah Smiles taste like and should you buy a box?

We got our hands on a bright yellow box early (thanks, Girl Scout Council of Greater New York!) to sample the goods. Despite the powdered sugar coating, these one-inch cookies (presumably shaped to look like a smile, or perhaps, a lemon wedge) are less sweet than the other options and possess a nice crunch and textured surface. They are definitely more of a tea cookie than a gorge-on-the-whole-box treat. The lemon flavor certainly comes through, though more lemon oil than lemon juice in taste. It’s not quite awesome or interesting enough to convert us from our beloved Samoas. However, if you were ever a Lemonades fan, you should check out this newcomer, since they have similar flavor profiles. Savannah Smiles, like all Girl Scout cookie flavors, will be sold for $4 a box beginning the week of March 12. Mark your calendars now.