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Man Found Dead And Bound In Chelsea Apartment


A 57-year-old was found by police in his Chelsea apartment at 212 West 22nd last night unconscious and unresponsive NY1 reported that his hands were was tied to a bed, and were also bound by duct tape along with his feet and mouth. A towel was over his head. DCPI told Runnin’ Scared that the police received a call from a female and arrived on the scene at 7:53 p.m. Friday, adding that the death is still under investigation, and the Medical Examiner will determine the cause.

In their report NY1 called the death an “apparent homicide.” The em>New York Daily News referred to it as a murder.

Despite the state in which the man was found, NY1 reported that there were “no signs of trauma,” according to NY1.

The man was known by neighbors for carrying his pet bird on his shoulder.


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