Katz’s Deli Hosted A Wedding Reception Last Night


This afternoon EV Grieve posted about a party that really takes the cake, or rather, the pastrami sandwich.

A couple had their black tie wedding reception yesterday at Katz’s Delicatessen. Ivanka Trump tweeted about the event including pictures of the menu and the party favors. We talked to Kevin Albinder, the manager of Katz’s, who said that weddings and other such events (Bar Mitzvahs, anniversaries) aren’t that unusual at Katz’s. “The party we had yesterday was kind of a big party, and we were closed for a good part of the day,” he said.

Albinder said that Katz’s had to stop regular operations starting in the mid-afternoon until about 2 a.m. for the celebration, however the restaurant was able to, as he said, “open up small shop next door to ourselves just for take out for people that had to have a sandwich.” Drunk people out on the Lower East Side on a Saturday night, never fear, Katz’s has you covered for all your munchies-needs.

So how much did it cost to get control of the deli for the evening? Because Saturday is busy, Albinder said, “it would have to be worth our while to close to customers who are looking to come here.”

However, this couple — who Albinder would not name, but a reader identified over at EV Grieve — did not have their ceremony in the deli. Though, even that wouldn’t have been unheard of.

A few months ago a couple was planning on having their nuptials in a park and their after party in the restaurant. But weather got in the way of the outdoor festivities, Albinder said, and the couple asked if they could move everything inside the restaurant.

“The bride and groom were walking down in front of the counter,” Albinder said.

Speaking of the counter and, well, foodstuffs, if you’re interested in what was on the menu last night, here’s an Instagram from Trump’s Twitter:

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