Chocolate Skulls Cast From Real Skull by Canadian Artist


Hungry for some chocolate death?

This from the blog Incredible Things: When Montreal artist Marina Malvada came into the temporary possession of a human skull in 2005, she had a crazy idea.

She made a plaster cast of the cranium, and set about making life-size copies of the skull in fine-quality chocolate. At first she stuck to the general color of the skull by mottling white chocolate with milk chocolate. But later she began to make white, dark, and semisweet chocolate skulls, and eventually dabbled in single-origin chocolate from Mexico and Cuba.

Of course, making skulls out of sugar candy is an old tradition in Mexico, where skulls in various sizes are ubiquitous on the Day of the Dead. And North Americans are prone to make skeleton and ghost cookies on Halloween. But Malvada has carried it upscale by casting chocolate skulls to order (averaging about five pounds of chocolate), and charging $200 for them. In case your friends think you made the skull yourself, you can show them a certificate of authenticity that comes along with.

What next? She plans on duplicating an entire skeleton in chocolate, according to

Thanks to Tracy Van Dyk for the link.