Faye Dunaway Updates Her Fans On Master Class


At least I think it’s Faye Dunaway.

On Twitter, @RealFayeDunaway has been saying that her long-awaited film version of Master Class is in post production.

Master Class is the Terrence McNally play about opera diva Maria Callas instructing some young hopefuls with brash charm and putdowns.

Faye has co-adapted the screenplay, directed the movie, and stars as Callas.

Tweeted RealFaye about a week ago:

“Just edited scene with Liam Dunaway O’Neill and Danielle de Niese. They are electric.”

(Liam is Faye’s son with photographer Terry O’Neill.)

More recently, she tweeted: “We will be entered in most film festivals. Unfortunately not Cannes this year.”

But she’s going there anyway. Loves the movies. Try and stop her.

And finally:

Master Class is my dream. I work on it every day. I am a perfectionist. It shall be worth the wait.”

Oh, good. Because the wait has been so long that I remember asking Faye over a decade ago what was going on with it.

Much later, as you’ll recall, she finally started the movie, but stopped halfway through, arguing that this is how movies get done.

Now that she’s finished, I’m thrilled and can’t wait to see this epic in whatever festivals it will end up at.

But if that’s really her on Twitter, shouldn’t she have way more followers?

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