Movies Make Kids Want to Binge Drink


Most teens want to be like their movie-star idols, but now comes some research that they want to drink like them, too — at least on-screen. CNN’s The Chart reports that researchers in Europe have found that the more scenes of drinking teens watched in films, the greater their risk of binge drinking. The study looked at 16,500 students ages 10 to 19 from different countries across Europe, and the findings were the same in each country despite cultural differences.

The students were surveyed about their binge-drinking habits (over five drinks in one sitting), and about the types of movies they watched. The number of drinking scenes was tallied for each movie, and it was determined that 27 percent of the European adolescents surveyed had engaged in binge drinking. This figure is slightly higher than in the United States, but researchers here have also found a link between drinking in movies and adolescent alcohol consumption habits. The study, however, did not make mention of “power hour” drinking games during movie watching. More research on that is surely needed.

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