A Beginner’s Guide To Funkmaster Flex’s Instagram Account


Those familiar with Funkmaster Flex, Hot 97’s nighttime DJ and the one man Jay-Z and Kanye West trusted to break Watch the Throne lead single “Otis,” know that on top his love for boom bap and muscle cars, Flex is something of a tech dork, fiending for the newest tablets and phones, blogging at, and bragging on air about his Twitter followers and Facebook friends. Two months ago, however, he added another social network, joining Instagram (the self-described “fun & quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures”) and amassing nearly 20,000 followers who are greeted throughout the day with photos of everything from Flex’s kids to his computer screen.

To outsiders, this mass of images might seem daunting, but upon closer inspection, it turns out to be as good an introduction to the life of our Best Radio DJ in New York as his 60 Minutes of Funk mixtape series was to Tunnel-era rap. For this reason, we’re jumping off Flex’s most recent post, a low angle shot of his dentist preparing to clean his teeth, with the caption “Dr. Feldman getting in crazy!!! Dentist time !!!!!,” and bringing you this brief beginner’s guide to an Instagram account that’s as singular as its owner.

In the early days, Flex mostly uploaded pictures of his cars. This included his 1970 Chevelle SS, his “Con Edison blue” Dodge Charger, and that white one that is sitting between the two on his driveway (sorry, almost everything I know about cars comes from watching Ride with Funkmaster Flex Sunday mornings on Spike TV). Quickly, this progressed from the cars in his driveway to those he had rebuilt for friends like T-Pain, those in his garage, and the Salt & Vinegar chips he found in that garage.

These days, Flex still Instagrams plenty of automobile photos, the best of which show him listening to old school rap (on satellite radio, oddly) while driving down the highway, but his best work finds him out on the street, alternatively excited and puzzled by his surroundings. Take this sequence, which begins in Pelham’s DeCiccio market, where he finds a salad bar that he can’t resist.

But almost immediately, things go wrong when a woman cuts Flex in line then asks him if he needs help. By snapping a quick photo of her and posting it to Instagram, he registers his disapproval.

Elsewhere, Flex advertises for 50 Cent’s new “6 Hours of Energy” shooter (because sometimes five hours just isn’t enough), packs lunch for his kids, and takes photos of his own website. But beware, these Instagrams are not always safe for work.

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