Amputee Film Classic Alert!


“Amputee fetish cult classic, earnest to goodness love story…or both?”

So asks this review of the 1975 cinema curio Prelude To Happiness, starring real-life amputee Rose Petra as Susan Imes, a woman who loses a leg after a car accident, gets dumped by her fiance (who doesn’t want to walk with her down the aisle), and falls for her dreamy doctor.

(Well, he’s dreamy by very low-budget standards.)

The dreamy doctor even helps Susan get a job as a nurse, which causes problems when a patient is wheeled in with serious leg problems. She freaks!

But Susan eventually rehabilitates, to the point where she openly flaunts her stump at a pool party, to the horror of several onlookers (see clip above).

This is one of the most poorly made films ever produced, with cheesy production values and the boom mike showing up in the shot more often than not.

And there’s way too much plaid and brown! In the clothes and even on the couch!

But Petra exudes a certain sweet amputee allure, and her story is a nice little sermon about the way “half a woman” can find love after all — especially when the dreamy doctor ends up losing both legs!

Best of all is Carol Sowa as the shrew who snarls to the doctor (who she’s trying to marry), “I imagine you were out with your one-legged bitch again!”

Do whatever you can to track down this film.

It’s got legs.

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