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Are The Anonymous, LulzSec Arrests a Win for the FBI?


News broke earlier today that five individuals supposedly associated with Anonymous have been charged for attacks on websites ranging from the CIA to Strafor, and some are saying that it’s a triumph for the FBI’s fight against the hackivist collective.

And because the FBI might have gotten intel from a former Anonymous member, some think that the organization has been permanently damaged.

What supposedly went down?

Various media reports indicate that the suspected leader (and Alphabet City resident!), of Anonymous-affiliated group LulzSec, Hector Monsegur/ Sabu, might have ratted out other Anonymous and Lulzsec members to the FBI.

That’s because Sabu might have been working as a government informant since August, as part of a plea deal, Gizmodo notes.

The Washington Post notes: “The arrests are a major victory for FBI investigators, who have been under growing pressure to respond to the often taunting attacks by members of the Anonymous and LulzSec hacking collectives.”

The paper goes on to quote a security analyst, who says: “‘They did a heck of a job in hunting down the ringleader and turning him around so they could go deeper into the stack…This is classic law enforcement.'”

Computerworld and CNN echoed these sentiments, featuring stories on the bust with headlines such as “High-profile hacker arrests a coup for FBI, analysts say” and “Anonymous in disarray after major crackdown snares leaders.”

Given the tweets involving the #fuckSabu and #anonymous hashtags, it doesn’t look like the group — which routinely claims it is leaderless — is too worried or upset.

Death and Taxes makes this very point:

“Judging from Anonymous’ efforts in the last year, which included a hybridization with Occupy Wall Street, the Stratfor hack, a partnership with WikiLeaks, an infiltration of the FBI and Scotland Yard’s conference call on Anonymous, Operation ANTI-ACTA (which struck the Polish government), and the CIAPC hack (following Elisa’s blockade of The Pirate Bay), amongst other projects; it would seem seem that Anonymous, as a global collective, has grown far beyond LulzSec and Sabu’s influence–that it has indeed shed Sabu’s influence.”


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