Celebrity Dressing Room Demands! Crazy S**t!


I demand that Us magazine keeps printing the contractual demands that celebs make for their well-stocked dressing rooms, flights, and other appearances.

It’s just so entertaining and revealing, both in the celebs’ nervy hauteur and in their occasional crassness and bad taste.

The current one has goodies like:

In dressing rooms:

Katy Perry wants an “arrangement of fresh flowers consisting of pink, white, and purple hydrangeas, pink and white roses and peonies.” Or if those aren’t available, a selection of seasonal white flowers is OK, including orchids. “ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS.” Or Katy turns into a firework. . . . Baby, she’s a firework. . . .

Robert De Niro‘s riders say, “Let it be known, he may want to take home any additional catering. Be sure not to waste any or throw out until after his car has pulled away.” You can take the guy out of Mulberry Street, but . . .

And M.I.A. demands “bottle of red wine — merlot or Bordeaux (Medium price $15-25).” It’s kind of cute that she thinks that’s what constitutes a really pricey bottle of fine wine.

And for flight preboard information:

Angelina Jolie wants “snack basket, hidden, but available, w/ potato chips, peanut M&Ms, Butterfinger, Mike and Ike, whole fruit (grapes and bananas).”

Now we know Angie is so thin! She has an amazing snack basket waiting, but it’s hidden!

Best of all, Jennifer Garner likes to read celeb mags like Us, “but doesn’t want to be ‘caught’ reading them.”

Well, hopefully she’ll read this week’s! Without getting caught!

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