KFC’s Chicken Pot Pie: Not Bad, But Nearly Vegetarian


The crust is delectable, but may be suffering from smallpox.

As a kid who loved Swanson’s pot pies — pulled from the freezer and heated one hour in the oven — I couldn’t wait to try the Colonel’s new entry in the uncrowded field of chicken pot pies.

The pie is of ample proportions.

When the pie slid across the counter, poised uncomfortably on a compartmentalized plastic plate, I was impressed by its dimensions. Comparing it with a dollar bill indicated a full six inches in diameter. The crust looked good, but oddly pockmarked by some unseen agency. I also noted that the crust was one of those that only covers the top of the pie, violating one of the most important principles of piedom, as far as I’m concerned. There must be a bottom crust!

I cut into it with the wobbly spork, and steam poured out. Like real freezer pot pies, it was hot as hell, temperature-wise, and required a cool-down period. Once inside, I was pleased with the quantity of vegetables, mainly carrots and potatoes, with a few peas thrown in, perhaps 14 small ones in all. There was plenty of thick white gravy, too.

What was missing was the meat. I counted five pieces, the average of which was the size of my smallest fingernail. There was dark meat as well as white meat, as I might have suspected due to the availability of whole birds to the KFC chain, and the necessity of using them as fully as possible. Actually, I’d been hoping for all dark meat. The pie crust tasted like it might have been made with schmaltz. Gee, this is good, I thought to myself, if only there’d been about 10 times more chicken in it.

At $3.99, the pie seems like a bargain.