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NYPD Spying On Muslims: Yay Or Nay? | Village Voice

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NYPD Spying On Muslims: Yay Or Nay?


As you may know, the New York Police Department has received millions of dollars from the federal government over the past decade to basically spy on Muslims living in New York. The goal, of course, is to prevent terrorist attacks on the Big Apple.

If you’re unaware of the NYPD’s under-the-radar (until recently) surveillance of our Islamic neighbors, click here, or here.

The cops’ tactics are controversial for several reasons. For starters, it’s a bit prejudicial — and potentially unconstitutional — to assume people are terrorists because of their faith. In other words, Praising Allah on a Tuesday Night isn’t a crime recognized by any reputable law enforcement agency in the United States.

Despite the potential civil rights violations, several prominent members of the Islamic community have come out in support of the cops — for example, Asra Q. Nomani, the Islamic author of Standing Alone: An American Woman’s Struggle for the Soul of Islam and co-director of the Pearl Project, praised the NYPD’s tactics in an op-ed for the Daily Beast, saying that she’s “relieved that our country’s largest police agency was monitoring our Muslim community as closely as the reports indicate.”

Additionally, several Muslim activists joined Republican Congressman Peter King yesterday at a rally in front of One Police Plaza to show their support for the boys in blue. For more on that click here.

New York City is, without a doubt, prime real estate for those who wish harm on the United States — many of whom happen to be Muslim extremists who’ve declared “Jihad” on the “great Satan” that is America.

Believe it or not, however, not every Muslim wants to kill you — and shouldn’t be the target of the NYPD’s super sleuths just because some of the more radical members of their religion use their “faith” as an excuse to act like violent assholes.

We want to know what you think, though: is the NYPD wrong to spy on members of the Muslim community?

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