Patrick Alcindor, Harlem Pharmacist, Gets 13 Years in the Slammer


Patrick Alcindor could spend up to 13 years behind bars for scamming Medicaid — charging for pricey prescriptions which he never filled, according to the Manhattan District Attorney.

Alcindor, who ran the ring out of a Harlem pharmacy, got caught in March 2010 paying an undercover cop for these scripts, including HIV/AIDS medicines and anti-psychotics. The former pharmacist was convicted of attempted larceny and tampering with evidence charges Feb. 10, but just sentenced today.

Here’s what happened: Alcindor was the supervising pharmacist at Procare Pharmacy (1728 Amsterdam Avenue) and had access to the shop’s bank account. He would buy prescriptions from Medicaid clients and then bill Medicaid “as if the prescriptions had been filled.”

Turns out, the pharmacy didn’t even have the meds in stock.

When the New York State Office of the Medicaid Inspector tried to get its money back after the arrest, Alcindor created an elaborate web of financial lies. He gave the office fake bank records, to make like he had purchased these drugs from a distribution company. Then, he even went so far as to send fake invoices to the law firm representing the pharmacy in court.

The inspector’s office and D.A. didn’t believe his bluff and successfully tried the case, so Alcindor won’t be cheating Medicaid again anytime soon.


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