Dwayne Milan From RuPaul’s Drag Race Speaks!


A great dancer and all-around nice person, Dwayne Milan captured hearts and minds on the Logo show RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Dwayne was bumped from the show this week, but he says, “It’s OK if you fail to win. In regards to the competition, I realized it, embraced it, and can move on with peace of mind.”

And with this parting interview, given to yours truly.

By the way, I stayed away from negative questions about the reality show lifestyle, simply seeking to learn his drag secrets.

Hi, Dwayne. When did you start doing full drag?

“When I started drinking Absolut Vodka. LOL! I’ve been doing drag/drag-related projects for about 15 years, unless you count me sneaking in my mom’s pumps at 8. Lol.

“My drag is a hybrid of the club world and the theatre world. I like doing look-a-likes, dancing my ass off, and creating drag-based characters/ideas that can help elevate the artistry of doing drag. Ru, Harvey Fierstein, Kevin Aviance…so many have influenced me.”

What’s the secret to great drag?

“It’s to DO YOU and LIVE in it to the fullest. Drag can be very ‘rule’-based, depending on where you are from, but I say if you want to be campy, glamourous, shocking, whatever, STUDY those who you admire then create the being YOU want to be with your own rules.”

And what was the highlight of the show for you?

“The highlight of the show for me was honestly bonding with the other girls and ‘swiffering’ the stage. If anyone needs any floor work, let me know! I do make house calls! Lol!!”

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