Genesis P-Orridge On Pandrogyny and Surgery


My new column is a fascinating interview with ex Psychic TV rocker and artist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (above, right), who fell in love with the nurse-turned-dominatrix-and-performance-artist Lady Jaye (left) and hatched a plot.

They famously had multiple surgeries to virtually become each other, while creating a “pandrogynous” entity that defies gender expectations.

In the documentary The Ballad Of Genesis And Lady Jaye–opening March 8–the pair are seen not just at the surgeon’s office, but enjoying a domestic love affair that I write comes off a little “Ozzie and Harriet meets Sid and Nancy.”

Amazingly, even as they become each other, these two don’t appear mutually narcissistic.

And several years after the sad passing of Lady Jaye, Genesis is still referring to herself as “we” while espousing fabulous ideas about life, art, and cheek implants.

Check it out before your next pandrogynecological exam.

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