Happy Birthday, Cookie! Nabisco to Launch Birthday Cake Oreo


The Oreo, America’s favorite cookie sandwich, just turned 100 (just like the Girl Scouts!), meaning it’s time to par-tay. Nabisco, the company that produces the crème-filled treat, is launching a special limited-edition Birthday Cake flavor, featuring a simpler cookie design hearkening back to the original Oreo logo, with the vanilla frosting combined with rainbow sprinkles for festive cheer.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, more than 490 billion Oreos have been sold in the cookie’s first 100 years, making it the best-selling cookie of the 20th century. In America, the Oreo has remained fairly true to its chocolate-and-vanilla roots, although you can sometimes find variations like peanut-butter-crème-filled. The cookie has also expanded into international markets, where you can try more exotic flavors like Green Tea Oreos, sold in Japan, and Blueberry Ice Cream Oreos, sold in Indonesia. Whether you’re a purist or into tricked-out flavors, why not grab a glass of milk and dunk one in honor of Oreo’s golden years.