Mayor Bloomberg Defends Restaurant Letter-Grading System


Mayor Michael Bloomberg claims that New York City’s restaurant grading policy has led to a decline in the number of cases of salmonella poisoning citywide. According to the Associated Press, Bloomberg defended the grading at a press conference held at the Bronx’s Zero Otto Nove restaurant on Tuesday.

At the conference, which conveniently took place the day before the City Council’s hearing on the grading system, the mayor cited a study from the Department of Health that shows that salmonella infections decreased by 13.5 percent over the first year the city used the grades. Bloomberg had more numbers up his sleeve: He mentioned that, according to recent tax data, restaurant sales from June 2011 to February 2012 increased by 9.3 percent. Also, city officials said to check out a new app called ABCEats NYC that allows you to see restaurants’ letter grades on your cell phone.

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