New Madonna Song Slams Guy Ritchie Marriage


According to this British newspaper review of Madge’s new album, the song “I Don’t Give A” is a tabloid lover’s delight filled with wonderfully real recrimination and seething bitterness.

Just what we want from a pop song!

The song goes:

“I tried to be a good girl

“I tried to be your wife

“I diminished myself

“And I swallowed my light

“…And if I was a failure

“I don’t give a…”

You can fill in the rest.

And you can surely sit back and wait for the next Sherlock Holmes flick to include Watson looking to the screen and saying, “We don’t give a flying fuck either!”

But Madonna, why on earth did you swallow your light, girl?

To make a relationship last, I long ago learned that you must swallow other things!

(I meant one’s pride, of course.)

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