New York Plans On Luring Young Tourists to the City


New York is lookin’ for youngins!

And not just any run-of-the-mill youth: New York wants ones with money! (Well, ones with at least a little green to spend…)

Anyway, NYC and Company, the city’s tourism agency, is trying to get more members of the under-30 age group to visit the city and spend cash, according to the office.

New York’s tourism and marketing co-op is upping its efforts to attract 18 to 29-year-olds. Ultimately, the bureau wants to bring 55 million visitors to NYC annually by 2015, the cohort announced today at a tourism trade show in Berlin.

This demographic makes up almost 30 percent of NYC tourists.

The consortium is trying to do this by touting New York’s “affordability” (?) and cheap attractions, such as museums with student discounts and free wifi in parks.

There is one really cool thing about this move: “In an effort to encourage the development of safe, affordable youth accommodations, New York City is committed to legalizing hostels. A regulated hostel industry will provide affordable accommodations for budget-conscious travelers, in particular the youth market.”

So, yes, New York might soon get more hostels, which means that there will be both more inexpensive digs — and an opportunity for Eli Roth to make more money off horrorporn.

However, Runnin’ Scared is aware of several hostels operating in the city (seemingly without incident), so we’re going to find out about the legality of this issue. We’ll update when we find out.

(H/T AP via Wall Street Journal)

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