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No, There Is Still Not a GOP Presidential Nominee | Village Voice


No, There Is Still Not a GOP Presidential Nominee


So you just wanted to know which Republican would go face-to-face with Barack Obama in November and were kinda hoping that Super Tuesday would finally produce an obvious Presidential candidate.

Too bad!

As detailed by The Associated Press, yesterday’s contests suggest that Mitt Romney will probably get the G.O.P. nomination, but top rival Rick Santorum will not give in easily.

The field can’t even agree to let the rivalry between Mitt and Rick develop into something definitive: That’s because Newt Gingrich still won’t bow out of the race, and has vowed to continue fighting in Southern states, though the only contest he won in yesterday’s round of polling was Georgia.

“It’s only a hindrance to a conservative alternative to Romney,” Stuart Roy, an adviser to the Red, White and Blue Fund, told the AP. “And Romney simply won’t be the conservative alternative to Obama.”

And then there was that three-way tie between Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich in Tennessee, which suggests that Romney just can’t court the values voters, the Christian Science Monitor notes.

Now, analysts say that Tennessee would have actually been a more important contest for Romney — not much-coveted Ohio.

Romney’s campaign has pointed out the obvious — that infighting is only harming Republicans.

“Super Tuesday dramatically reduced the likelihood that any of Gov. Romney’s opponents can obtain the Republican nomination,” CNN quoted Rich Beeson, the campaign’s political director, as saying.

“As Gov. Romney’s opponents attempt to ignore the basic principles of math, the only person’s odds of winning they are increasing are President Obama’s.”

The network’s latest count puts Romney at 429 delegates. Santorum has 169, while Gingrich got 118. Rep. Ron Paul won 67. Thing is, you need 1,144 delegates at the Republican convention to nab the nomination.

(The AP’s stats aren’t too different from the cable news channel’s, with Romney getting 415 votes at press time. In that count, Santorum has 176.)

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