RedFarm, Yelped!


We’ve read a lot about Yelp in the news lately. The company went public on March 2, and the press was abuzz with speculation about and investigation into its financial health and sources of ad revenue. The site also popped up in Pete Wells’s latest review of RedFarm, with the Times critic saying that the upscale Chinese spot “seems designed for the age of Yelp, when the entire world can be split into either Nothing Special or OMG.” For Wells, RedFarm falls squarely in the realm of OMG. (Our own Lauren Shockey might beg to differ.) His comments prompted us to check out the Yelp boards and see how many OMGs there really are on there. What actual yelpers think about RedFarm and its dumplings, after the jump.

Five Stars

“OMG RedFarm is delicious…Both the pastrami egg roll and the pacman shrimp dumplings were above average, but knocked it out of the park on appearance alone (embarrassingly, I found myself taking pictures of the dishes)…Last note – the bathroom is awesome!” –Nils H.

“I’m obsessed with this place…Got the pac-mans EVERYTIME.. they are the cutest things EVER! Soup dumplings have slightly thicker skin than I prefer BUT – Eggplant curry is seriously to die for. Curried bean curd. SIGH. Duck chow fun. I’m hungry now.” –Layla C.

Four Stars

“Okay, I really really really love this place. The food is absolutely insanely good…My only complaint is that other people agree with me! Trying to get a table at this place, especially considering how small it is, can get insanely difficult.” –Arielle C.

“Ambiance and service are also great! Completely unexpected, but I found THE BEST SOUP DUMPLINGS in NYC here! Way better than the ones I’ve had at Joe’s Shanghai / Joe’s Ginger, Shanghai Cafe, and Red Egg. Also really liked Katz’ pastrami egg roll, and the pacman shrimp dumplings were too cute.” –Jia H.

“Truffle soup dumpling – if you can get your hands on it.
Lobster egg dish is really good. and minimal use of your hands.
Katz egg roll is the best use of pastrami, in a long time
Pork belly – it’s great.” –John Y.

Three Stars

“I had both of the soup dumplings – pork and crab as well as black truffle and chicken – and was really underwhelmed. The pork and crab in particular were in no way as good as Joe Shanghai’s or the other city favorites…I love high-end Americanized Chinese food, and I think the tacky, old school places like Shun Lee Palace are better.” –A C.

Two Stars

“Outside of the overpriced average fare, and the silly decor, the service was good…Save your money. Go to Joe’s Shanghai or even Chinatown Brasserie (same owner, but the food is surprisingly more palatable).” –Janna C.

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