Five Men, One Woman Indicted For Imprisoning/Raping/Drugging/Pimping 15-Year-Old Girl


Six people have been indicted in connection with the rape, kidnapping, and torture of a 15-year-old girl who was snatched off a Brooklyn street corner last month.

The story, as told by Queens County District Attorney Richard Brown, is pretty horrific — the girl was drugged, gang raped, and pimped out to several men over the course of about five days.

Brown says the victim and a friend were picked up in a vehicle on Jerome Street in Brooklyn by defendant Junior Goldring, 23, and taken to house on 101st Avenue in Ozone Park.

Once at the home, the girl was introduced to two other suspects in the case, Gary Council, 22, Roy McMillan, 24 — and that’s when things took a turn for the worse.

After meeting Council and McMillan, the victim attempted to leave the
home. Council, however, wasn’t having it — he allegedly grabbed her by
the arm and told her “you’re not going anywhere. You are going to stay
here and make my money.”

Council then introduced the girl to suspect number three, 21-year-old
Andrea Furlonge, telling Furlonge that the victim was “the new girl” who
“was going to make a lot of money.” Authorities say he then told
Furlonge to take the victim and “do what she had to do.”

“What she had to do,” apparently, was pimp the girl out to various men.

Furlonge took nude photos of the girl and posted them in the “adult
escort” section on the website (full disclosure: is owned by Village Voice Media, the parent company of the Village Voice. For the truth about — and underage sex trafficking — click here).

For the next five days, the girl had sex with numerous men inside the home where she was being held captive.

When the victim would cry, or ask to leave, Furlonge allegedly told her to knock it off or Council would get violent.

At one point, when the victim attempted to take a shower, authorities
say Council went into the bathroom, grabbed her by the hair, and told
her to “get back down stairs and make [my] money.”

One of the more sickening aspects of the ordeal happened on February 8,
when authorities say Council and suspect four, 21-year-old Omari
Millington, forced the girl to take two ecstasy pills. She was then tied
up and sodomized by Council, Millington, Goldring, and suspect number
five, 22-year-old Renardo Williams, authorities say.

The victim escaped on February 12, when Council told her to go to a
nearby store to get him something. Rather than follow Council’s orders,
the girl ran away and didn’t return.

Council’s been indicted on several counts of multiple crimes, including
kidnapping, rape, first-and-third-degree criminal sexual conduct, and
sex trafficking.

The other suspects each are charged with similar crimes.

All five of the accused are expected to be arraigned later today.