New York

Hotel-Charging Scam Exposed!


It only involved five bucks, but still, I hate being bamboozled!

At my Miami hotel last Friday, I ordered a coffee by the pool and was a little shaken that it cost five dollars, but that’s not the scam I’m talking about here.

I paid it in full in cash (plus tip) and got a receipt saying so.

The next morning, I had breakfast at the hotel and again paid in cash and got a receipt.

The rest of the day, I was out, at press lunches, screenings, and dinners.

When I checked out on Sunday, my bill surprisingly included a $5 coffee that I supposedly had the previous afternoon!

The day I was out!

It was completely bogus, since I never had that coffee and besides, I never told anyone my room number to bill anything to, since the coffees I did have were paid in cash.

They removed it, but I felt really soiled, especially since I’ve given the New York branch of the Standard Hotel so much press.

Not very chic, freaks!

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