Mitt Romney: Can Anything Short Of An “Act Of God” Keep Him From Becoming The GOP Nominee For President?


As we noted yesterday, Super Tuesday came and went and there’s still no shoo-in for the Republican nominee for president.

However, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney gained a bit of an edge in his quest to become the GOP’s chosen one — enough of an edge that members of his campaign reportedly made the bold prediction that only an “act of god” could derail his campaign (get the details here).

As the saying goes, though, there’s always a dead hooker, or a live boy…

Not to mention, Arizona Senator John McCain stopped him in his tracks four years ago, which proves anything is possible.

Romney, however, has been thoroughly vetted over the course of two presidential campaigns at this point, so it appears the chances of any hookers or children crawling out of his closet are unlikely.

Still, his right-wing opponents continue to wage on — both Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich pledge to keep on keepin’ on, despite the tables having turned ever so slightly in Romney’s favor.

Oh, yeah — Ron Paul still seems to think he’s got a shot, too.

The prediction made by the Romney faithful is, without question, a bit on the cocky side — but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.