Blogroll Gazette: Exploding Food, Sushi Chef Flicks


This week in food blogs …

Food Republic shows us how amazing exploding food is when photographed up close.

Gilt Taste remembers Biggie Smalls’ death with an essay by Francis Lam on what the rapper’s lyrics taught him about food.

Serious Eats heads to European Meat Markets in the Bronx and samples Albanian meats and sausages.

The Salt shows us what goes on during Wisconsin’s World Championship Cheese Contest, which is “like a World Cup for the cheese world, where Dutch Gouda battles Swiss Gruyere for the coveted top title.”

Eater interviews David Gelb, director of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a documentary film of one of Japan’s greatest sushi chefs, which hits NYC theaters this weekend. Check out the film’s trailer. Then head over to Bon Appétit to see Gelb’s short film of L.A.’s recently retired sushi legend Kazunori Nozawa.

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