Save the Pigeons? Flock To Be Evicted from George Washington Bridge Bus Station


City living is no lark for pigeons.

The second-most hated urban animal will soon be booted from the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal.

The Daily News notes that pigeons have called the rundown station home for some time, but will be kicked out when the terminal undergoes $183 million in renovations this summer.

But what about the birds, you might ask?

The News notes that the flock of pigeons (presumably of a feather) has “taken up residence inside the depot and was spotted” — get this — “frolicking, foraging, flying — and leaving unsanitary droppings.

And: “Workers made no effort to remove or disturb them, and one fluffy creature — nicknamed ‘En Jay’ by commuters, for NJ Transit — was being fed in the passenger waiting area under a sign urging, ‘DO NOT FEED THE BIRDS.'”

An official said of the pigeons: “They’re just temporary occupants, and our post-construction planning calls for a pigeon-free building.”

One man told the paper that he has “never seen a filthier public space in the world.”

Pigeon advocates, however, disagree with the idea that pigeons are dirty rats with wings, and have voiced concern about whether they will be humanely relocated.

Joanna Tierno, a Staten Island resident and member of Pigeon People, told Runnin’ scared that she worries about the birds’ well being.

“My main thing: I never want to see pigeons harmed or killed.”

Tierno said that she doesn’t know much about this specific eviction — or what the impact will be on this flock — but worries that misinformed, anti-pigeon attitudes persist, putting them at risk.

“I really don’t think in most situations that they’re a problem, as long as the birds are cleaned up after, and most of these locations have some basic maintenance anyway,” she said.

Tierno, who was born with a rare immune system deficiency, said that she has two pet pigeons without a problem.

“They really pose very little health risk to humans,” she said. “I get sick more from people than from pets, so humans are actually a greater threat to me.”

Runnin’ Scared has reached out to several other urban wildlife groups and will update if we hear back.


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