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NYPD Watched Muslim-Owned Businesses; Police Sergeant Charged With Drunk Driving; Harold Camping Acknowledges He Was Wrong About Rapture


The Associated Press reported Friday that the NYPD kept tabs on Muslim-owned businesses based on the religion of owners, second- and third-generation Americans. As this became just one more known element of the NYPD’s surveillance, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly met with Muslim leaders in the city. Though NY1 reported that members of the community who met with Kelly said “he assured them that the NYPD was obeying the law,” groups gathered outside NYPD headquarters where the meeting was taking place to protest. Meanwhile, though the AP reported that Jews and Christians were excluded from the monitoring, the New York Daily News reported that the NYPD was not always discerning. [AP, NY1, NYDN]

A 39-year-old NYPD sergeant was arrested and charged with drunk driving Friday night. [WABC]

Harold Camping, who wrongly predicted the Rapture would come in 2011…twice, is asking for forgiveness. “We humbly acknowledge we were wrong about the timing,” Camping wrote on his independent ministry’s website. He said he’s not going to try to predict Judgment Day anymore. [AP via NYDN]

One of the stolen puppies we blogged about last weekend has been recovered. David Dietz, the owner of the store from which the Yorkie was taken, got the pup after following a scavenger hunt-like search through Brooklyn. [NYP]

A female hawk, who long made Riverside Park her home, was found dead Friday. Two other hawks have been found dead in Manhattan parks within the past two weeks. [NYDN]

Sleepy? Daylight saving time begins at 2:00 a.m. Sunday, meaning clocks jump ahead and you get an hour less of precious shut-eye. [WABC]

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