Tiny Hot Dog in Pastry at Golden Steamer


A three-bite frank snuggling in its own pastry — two make a perfect breakfast.

We’ve already noticed the unbridled passion of Hong Kong natives for Western hot dogs, in stir-fries, with Italian spaghetti, and — the final frontier — for breakfast. If you’re one of those people who won’t touch a weenie before noon, reconsider your prejudices!

It’s all pink in the middle, as they used to say in the high school locker room.

At Golden Steamer, you can get dim sum, puffy bao filled with all sorts of things, and a broad range of other breakfast delights. There’s no seating, so you have to grab a bag and eat as you walk down the street. The best part is that almost all pastries are around 70 cents each.

The hot dog rolls are particularly good, with a sweet croissant-shaped pastry that’s a pleasing shade of warm brown. Concealed inside is a standard pink garlicky weenie that tastes pretty much the same way franks always do. This is Chinese food?

The juice dribbles out into the pastry, and there are few more satisfying morning repasts.

Golden Steamer
143-A Mott Street

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