Year of the Takeout Day 68: MYSTERY (SOLVED! UPDATE)



You know the drill! Where am I eating? What am I eating? You can win a prize!!! Tell us!

A full, in-depth essay will be revealed tomorrow.

UPDATE: Well, this probably isn’t the most in-depth exposé, but whatever.

First off, major kudos to Evan — you guessed the exact pick and restaurant.

(Email us your info and we’ll send you a prize. And also, anyone who won a prize who hasn’t emailed, please do so we can send you your gift.)

What fascinates, though, about Congee Village’s variety is that in eating it, we have an excuse to chat a little bit about Chinese charcuterie — an area in which we are woefully ignorant.

Now, there was a little uncertainty as to what variety we were eating — our thought was that the darker slices were xiang chang (sp?), but we don’t know.

Anyway, experts in Chinese sausage, help!

Taste-wise, this is solid — the method of prep gave the $6.75 rice a bold, meaty flavor. Def worth a revisit.

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