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Meet The New Yorkers Running For President


Hail to the chief. Today the New York Post introduces us to some of the the New Yorkers running for President. No, Bloomberg didn’t get any crazy ideas, and, no, Cuomo’s not jumping the gun. Instead these 11 — 10 from the city and one from Long Island — have turned in statements of candidacy to the Federal Elections Committee. Who are these people who want to top Obama and whoever emerges out of the Republican primary season in tact? Let’s meet the colorful characters the Post sought out.

Jimmy McMillian
You know him, you love him and you can recite his line. All together now: “THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH.”

Andy Martin

Ronald Marullo
Marullo is unemployed and wants to vie for the presidency because, according to the Post, “everyone knows cigarettes kill and cause cancer, and I want to use the power of my running for president to get the word out.” He would also marry his vice presidential candidate.

Michael ‘Kid Mikey’ Dename Jr.
Dename, “an ex-rapper and DJ,” wants to — as he put it — “throw Castro in the pool and open up Cuba to tourism.”

Carl Person
Person is a lawyer, who ran for New York Attorney General in 2010 for the Libertarian party. The Libertarian has credentials that include being Long Island University’s student council president.

From his blog:

If nominated by the Libertarian Party as its 2012 candidate for U.S. President, I will be delivering a message to voters that government activities and expenditures need to be substantially reduced in fighting wars, limiting the rights of individuals, and regulating the activities of schools and businesses.

Luis Alberto Ramos Jr.
A Queens Democrat and a Navy employee, Ramos was inspired by Jeremy Lin. Also, if he wins the presidency, he told the Post: “I’m willing to cut my salary in half and use the money to pay for job creation.”

Lowell Goldberg
Just kidding. This guy, a hospital administrator, “signed up just to see if he could,” the Post reported.


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