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Terrible Injuries Can Come From Not Wearing Seatbelts In Cabs


Putting on a seatbelt in a cab sometimes seems like the biggest effort in the world. Because, really, you’re only going to be in the cab for five minutes, you don’t know where that piece of fabric has been or whose neck it has touched and you also want to be able to lean forward when the meter goes on so you can turn off the Taxi TV the instant it starts to jabber away. However — if those ads instated back in December (on the TVs, mind you) didn’t send a motherly reminder to buckle up — then maybe these New York Daily News stories today will. Daily News explains how people who don’t put their seatbelts on in cabs are getting gruesome injuries after their faces slam into the plastic partitions in between riders and drivers. And there’s a picture!

Injuries the Daily News enumerates include “busted noses, broken teeth, cuts and even brain trauma” and can come from even minor jolts in the forward motion of the cab.

“We don’t have a good system to count them, but there isn’t a week that goes by that we don’t see at least two patients with these terrible injuries,” Dr. Lewis Goldfrank told the Daily News. Golfrank is the chairman of emergency medicine at Bellevue Hospital and NYU Langone Medical Center.

According to a December New York Post story, about 65 percent of yellow-cab passengers don’t wear seatbelts, while 90 percent of people driving in private cars do.

One Daily News piece features the tale of CEO Thomas Evans who got a broken nose, cuts on his face and six stitches as a result of his cab rear-ending another car. And Evans — sans-seatbelt — was leaning forward to turn off his Taxi TV when the accident occurred and his face made contact with the partition! Folks, moral of the story: getting rid of the annoying blabber isn’t worth a banged up visage.

If Evans’ story wasn’t enough, the Daily News has a separate article about Jane Lee, whose nose was broken, eyelid was cut and face was lacerated in a cab accident that forced her into the partition. Her friend, who was in the same cab, had a brain bleed. Both were, you guessed it, not wearing seatbelts.

So can we revise our reasoning for not buckling up now?

At least the “Taxi of Tomorrow” should be better.

[via Gothamist]


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