Fire Island Is For Sale!


Eighty percent of the commercial property in the Fire Island Pines is up for grabs!

The same bunch of property that hit the headlines last November when a fire hit the Pavilion nightclub and burned it to a crisp.

According to markatlarge.com, FIP Ventures — which bought all that property only two years ago, for $17 million — is now trying to unload it for $22 million.

There’s just one problem:

According to the article, the Pavilion’s reconstruction process is going slower than a burnt-out reveler trying to find the way back to his share at 4 a.m.

In fact, “As of today, it remains a plot of sand.”

Want to spend 22 million bucks for a plot of sand?

I would because it’s full of so much possibility. And sand! I adore sand!

But $22 million might be a bit steep, especially since $17 million was considered high two years ago.

Still, I hope someone bites, since the Pines without the Pavilion is like a gay without sunshine.

I emailed co-owner Andrew Kirtzman for comment about all this and he replied, “I don’t have anything for you, unfortunately, but wanted to get back to you. I hope to speak with you soon.”

In the meantime, place your bids — but don’t pack your disco gear just yet.

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