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I’m The Poster Boy For “Liberal Hate Speech”


And it’s all thanks to remarks I made on TV in 2009 about Carrie Prejean, the Bible-thumping Miss California who got into a big mess with the pageant system when it turned out she’d done some not-very-holy photos and an alleged video.

People tell me that Sean Hannity‘s show, for one, still uses me as an example of liberal hate speech because of the way I put down poor Carrie and showed terrible intolerance almost three years ago.

That’s the pot calling the kettle intolerant.

I was mocking a total hypocrite who used the Bible to say gays should be deprived of equal rights, not backing down from her claims even as sensationally racy, distinctly un-Bible-icious actions came forward in the press.

The conservatives also say that I was misogynistic to call Carrie dumb and make fun of her body parts.

Well, put it in context, folks.

I said she was dumb to tell an openly gay pageant judge — when he asked about same-sex marriage — that it shouldn’t be allowed! It’s a surefire way to lose!

I cracked that this misguided remark made her come off so dumb, “she probably thinks an innuendo is an Italian suppository.”

Does that one-liner really have the same weight, hate-wise, as “Gays shouldn’t get married”?

And it’s the pageant that’s misogynistic, by the way. I was mocking the way they put women on display like pieces of meat (in between the marginally more serious categories), and people like Carrie go along with it.

I trashed Carrie for accepting pageant-bought implants and flouncing them around, while saying God is against gay marriage!

And I made fun of the pageant’s lust for paying for surgery by cracking that Carrie was originally a homophobic man named Harry Prejean and they picked up the tab for her sex-change operation.

That one got everybody enraged — the Republicans resented me joking that Carrie was a transsexual, while transsexuals didn’t like the inelegant gag — but for the former group to cry misogyny over any of this is insane.

Aren’t these the people whose icon calls women in favor of birth control “sluts” and “prostitutes”?

Oh, well. If these heaven-sent bigots want me to be their mascot of intolerance, I’ll gladly accept the honor.

And for the record, I am totally behind certain gay beauty pageants.

They do it with an ironic wink, they’re for charity, and the contestants are in favor of equal rights!

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