Year of the Takeout Day 71: Grand Sichuan


Beef With Broccoli from Grand Sichuan (19-23 St. Marks Place, 212-529-4800)

Beef with broccoli is often the most miserable and mediocre dish, as it usually comes replete with oyster sauce and gelatinous, starchy globules that coagulate between the plate’s disparate components.

But at Grand Sichuan (which we might or might not have visited — we’re a forgetful bunch), is the plate any better?

Why, yes!

Hints of ginger spice up the typically bland gravy, giving the not-too-thick sauce a nuanced seasoning.

Meanwhile, the bovine blocks have been boiled and stir-fried appropriately, to maintain the meat’s juiciness.

A solid choice, even if $12 feels a bit pricey.